Pricing as individual as you are

Unlike other businesses within this space, we do not have fixed prices for our services as we recognise that each client has their own unique circumstances. This is why we only charge for the required work; if a client needs less work, the price is lower. If more work is required, the price will be higher.


The initial consultation call costs £45 and is deducted from the cost of our services if you choose to move forward with us. If you still need time to consider things, we will hold this offer for 12 months so you are not rushed into making a decision.


If you want to know what it will cost you to move forward with us, we will send you a no-obligation quote after your consultation call outlining the total cost for your build. Again, we will hold this offer for 12 months so you are not rushed into deciding. If it is discovered that extra work is required further down the line, such as re-drafts, edits or further lessons, there is no extra cost to the client. The price we quote is fixed, and you'll pay no more.


Our "system", which is what a client is being quoted for, includes a single professional CV/Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile optimisation, two 1-1 job workshops, a custom-built job board with remote monitoring, and 12 months of aftercare, edits and support.

As every client is bespoke, it is challenging to list precisely the cost for each individual; however, looking over our data and records, the guidelines below are the best estimates based on job levels and work we have done for clients.

MD/CEO/C-Suite Level £850 - £1,250+

Self-Employed Business Owners £600 - £825+

Managers/ Consultants / Project Managers £350- £550 +

*These prices are guidelines only, and an individual no-obligation quote will be presented to a client on a case-by-case basis after their consultation.

** If a client already has a CV that is of a high standard and wants their LinkedIn profile optimised and /or career coaching/job dashboard, we can offer this as a standalone service, and this will be reflected in a lower price.

Specialist Services

Our specialist services can be added to our "system" if necessary or brought on an ad-hoc basis. A paid consultation is not needed to access these, but we reserve the right to refuse them to a client without giving a reason.

ATS Bypassing - From £125 per CV

Virtual Assistant - From £21 per hour

Hiring Manager Acquisition - From £40 per job lead

Bespoke Career Website Building - From £350 per site

Looking sharp - From £14 per hour

Global Mobility - £30 per call

Military & Public Services

We are proud to help and support those who have served and who have dedicated their careers to serve others

If you are working for or have worked for the below services within the past 5 years. You will receive a services discount, which will discussed on your consultation call.

- The UK Armed Forces (Navy, Army & Airforce - This also includes reserves/voluntary/TA branches).


-Fire & Rescue, Coast Guard & Youth Organisations

Final Thoughts

We know our pricing is not the lowest on the market, and that has been designed on purpose as we are not your typical "high street" CV Writing or Career consultancy. Very few businesses can match our knowledge, expertise and track record. We acknowledge that our pricing will exclude us from working with 99% of applicants, and that's the way we like to keep it as we focus on delivering quality over quantity with the few clients we work with each month.

Want to get started....

Want to get started....