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LinkedIn Build - Medium - Actively Job Hunting

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Most companies will screen your professional LinkedIn profile as part of the initial screening process before reaching out to interview you. It's surprising how many people struggle to build a professional profile that is congruent with their profile whilst showcasing their skills and expertise.

This is perfect for those wanting to have a professional profile whilst being given the practical skills to approach potential employers and apply for live job roles. 

What you'll get:

  • Professional review and scoring of your current LinkedIn profile.
  • A complete rebuild of your profile and bespoke personal branding.
  • Profile lock down to secure your profile from information harvesting. 
  • The removal of damaging or profile harming content. 
  • The correct settings, notifications and feeds applied to your account.
  • 1 hour one to one phone tuition on how to map potential employers and effectively apply for online job roles.
  • Custom templates to help you network more efficiently.
  • 3 months of ongoing training and support at no extra costs. 
  • One year free membership into our exclusive Facebook group whereby you'll receive additional tips, tools and techniques.   

What to do next:

Simply add this service to your basket and upon checkout you'll receive a welcoming email whereby you'll need to reply with your LinkedIn URL link.

What happens after:

We'll get to work on building you the perfect LinkedIn profile that will impress and showcase your best skills and expertise.

If you are not fully satisfied with the post build of your profile in line with our terms of service agreement, you’ll receive a full refund.

Remember: We'll never share, copy or distribute your documents with any other company or service. All documents and services are treated with the upmost confidence and discretion. 

Typical build time 3-4 days.